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1st Caucus Over, Let the Spin Party Begin!

Now that Perry and Bachmann have dropped like flies and Huntsman didn’t even care about the result, we’re now in the inevitable time of post-Iowa Caucus spin.  There was a 3 way split between Iowa Republicans and many publications are already calling for a Santorum victory as president despite the fact that he only beat

Former Top Bachmann Supporter Now Supports Paul

Like a rat jumping from a sinking ship, Kent Sorenson has left Michelle Bachmann’s campaign in favor of the far superior Ron Paul. Realizing he was supporting a woman and a pterodactyl, Sorenson hopped on the Paul bandwagon due to his points of “being awesome” and “not being a flying dinosaur.” A woman who’s only

Bachmann, Huntsman, and Santorum Drop Out of the GOP Primaries

Super Update: Newt Gingrich has also failed to properly submit his application for the Virginia Primary. Only former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Congressman Ron Paul now qualify for the Virginia vote. Update: Apparently Rick Perry failed to correctly apply to be on the ballot so he has also been disqualified from further rounds. In a

State of the Race to the President of the States of the Republic

As the time to choose a new president grows near, it’s easy to get lost in the confusion of media. Since there is no monetary limit on political campaigns; television, print media, digital media, and your roadways, will soon be plastered with advertisements for the candidate who will make the corporations who paid for those

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