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Cancered: Joe Paterno

Published by in sport on November 19th, 2011

In the grand scheme of things, a college football coach for a school you never attended doesn’t matter in your life and you’ll have forgotten about him in a month.

Hats Off: Detroit Lions Fans

Few bands can garner as much disgust as Nickelback. Unfortunately they have somehow weaseled their way into playing the Thanksgiving Day half time show. The Detroit Lions hosting the game, quickly realized what was going on and have demanded a change. Fans have started a petition to have this atrocity removed from their football, and

Idiot’s Guide: How to Play Fantasy Football

Idiot’s Guide is a set of step by step instructions for performing every day tasks as told by some one who has never performed such tasks. His only understanding of these concepts comes from second hand sources. Look, I don’t know how to play Fantasy Football, hell I barely understand the sport of football. I

The Return of the NFL

Published by in sport, tv on August 22nd, 2011

As some of you may have heard, the NFL was on some sort of “lock out” recently. Although it only seemed to be “locked out” during the off season, it managed to rouse enough people into an outrage anyway. Basically, the people who play a game for a living decided they weren’t getting paid enough

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